About Us

Shorter Car Contracts, Brand New Cars and a fantastic service!

That is what we offer here at Short Term Leasing Ltd.

Since we began in 2007 we have provided over 1250 customers vehicles from Fiat 500’s right up to Ferrari 458’s. When we started we were one of a handful of customers providing Short Term Leasing vehicles and along with a few of our early competitiors, we have helped the way businesses and individuals lease their vehicles.

Vehicles can be a huge cost to companies, some businesses have opted for “cash for car” schemes, however there are a few corporates that realise that a company car can be a huge incentive to employees.

Instead of getting stuck with a 2 or 3 year old lease car, from an employee that has left or didn’t make it through their probationary period, Short Term Car Leasing can help by putting a temporary vehicle in until the business feels confident to order a longer term solution.

That way we can save time, money and even logistics by bridging this initial gap.

Our vehicles are generally brand new and factory ordered, we try and aim for German and Prestigious brands due to the higher residual values at the end of our term for reselling purposes.

The benefits of short term leasing is that you are not tied into a long term deal, the upfront charges are generally less than the industry standard of 6 or 9 payments initially. Meaning individuals and companies can change their vehicles, either upgrading or downgrading at the end of the term, in time can help cash flow by having a smaller cheaper car when its quiet and changing it for an executive car when things pick up, ideal for seasonal businesses.

We offer the following on Short Term:

  • No lengthy contracts, generally 6 months
  • Free of charge delivery in England and Wales
  • New or Nearly New, Cars and Vans
  • No Maintenance Charges on 6 or 7 month cars
  • No refundable deposit*
  • Business or Personal Leases
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Mileages of up to 2,000 miles per month
  • New Business Start-up’s Welcome to apply*

Short Term Leasing Deals is part of Cocoon Vehicles Ltd and Short Term Leasing Ltd, we have been offering Short Term Car and Van leases since 2007 to over 1250 customers in the UK.

From individuals to massive corporate companies, Short Term Leasing cars can help!

* Subject to Status – Guarantee’s/Imndenities or alternative terms may differ if you have had past credit issues.