Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Term Car & Van Leasing Explained

Short Term Car and Van Leasing is very similar to conventional 2 and 3 year contract hire, but with a much shorter term. It is a fantastic way of getting vehicles if you are a new start business with no credit history, or maybe you have new employees on probational periods, contract workers, pool cars, courtesy cars or even a stop gap until your long term vehicle has arrived.

As well as the offers on this website, we offer the following services:

Delivery and Collection

We can deliver your New Car or Van anywhere in England and Wales, alternatively if you are an existing customer you can collect your vehicle from one of our locations. Unless specified in the offer, delivery and collection is chargeable, however we are just 10 minutes from Derby Train Station, with links to East Midlands Trains and Cross Country Services.

Business Start-Up’s / Non-Status

If you are Non-status or a New Start Company without any trading history or credit score, then we may still be able to help. We have helped many new start companies over the years until credit ratings have enabled them to be migrated to longer term contracts with mainstream funders. We like to help as much as we can to make your business a success.

If you are a new start business, give us a call. We will ask you to complete the relevant proposal forms for our underwriters. This will then give us an idea of your standings. Occasionally contracts need to be altered slightly due to the risk involved, this maybe Directors Guarantees, Refundable Deposits, Higher Initial Rentals, Higher Rentals to cover risks, or a combination of all of these.

For more information, give our sales team a call or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

Poor Credit / Adverse Credit / CCJ’s

If you have got poor credit, adverse credit and/or CCJ’s, then we may still be able to help. We look at every individual’s circumstances differently, and open and honesty really does help us decide whether to take the risk.

Our underwriters will let us know what is required, but must include affordability, stability and the ability to look after the car. Bank statements and sometimes references maybe required.

As everyone’s circumstances are different, we may alter the contracts slightly. This could be higher initial payment, refundable deposit or higher rentals to cover the risk. It could be a combination of all of these.

Should you need any further information, please get in touch via our contact us page.


Our vehicles do not include Insurance as standard. You will need to arrange this via the internet or an insurance broker before we supply you with a vehicle. All insurance documents are logged on our Prohire system and regularly checked against AskMID.

We recommend Simply FA Car Insurance as an insurance affiliate who can help and assist you with getting the right insurance that fits our vehicles and you and your business, please click on the link.

We do have access to vehicles with insurance, however we cannot guarantee you the type of vehicle that you will receive or the length of time that you will have the car for. All vehicles with insurance are based on vehicle groups. For example a Group A car can be the following; Fiat 500, Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, etc.

Vehicle Types/Models

As well as the special offers listed on this website, we have access to a wide range of cars and vans, flexible and fixed contracts. From small Fiat 500’s right up to Supercars. We generally aim to offer German brands due to reliability and residual values.


Short Term Fixed Contracts do not come with Maintenance and Tyres, 6, 7 and 9 month contracts don’t really require services in that period, so the addition of this maybe useless. If you are looking for a vehicle with Maintenance included then Flexible Short Term leasing would be of some benefit.


Tyre provision is not included on Short Term Fixed Contracts. Accidental damage (Punctures, kerbing, etc) is also not included within these contracts. Tyre insurance can be quoted through one of our affiliates.


Breakdown Assistance is included on all Short Term Contracts, the number for these should be on your tax disc holder or within the vehicle book pack. However if you cannot find the number required, you can call our automated line on 01332 290173, select breakdown and then select manufacturer.


All of our vehicles include manufacturer warranties in the unlikely event that your car will breakdown. Dealerships will be able to provide you courtesy cars or even a collection and delivery service (Subject to manufacturer and/or location).

European Travel

You must contact us before traveling within the EU and obtain a VE103 Certificate (Additional Charge applies). Failure to do this could be your car gets confiscated. Customers are responsible for European Breakdown Assistance and Travel Insurance Costs, this must cover both passenger and the vehicle.


We accept most major credit cards except for American Express. Debit cards can be taken Free of Charge, however we do charge 2.5% on all credit and charge cards. Regular payments are taken by Direct Debit. We do not accept cash payments and cheque payments are available for pre-approved large corporates, public sector and government entities only.

Charges such as Parking Fine, Administration Charges for parking fines, excess mileage will be taken 14 days from date of invoice.

Fines and Admin Charges

Parking Tickets, Speeding Fines, PCN’s, Tag Charges and Congestion Charges will incur additional charges to you. This is down to the cost and administration in processing these tickets and making representations, when required. All of these are done via post and are sent recorded delivery to the relevant authorities.

Where required, we will forward your details to the relevant authorities and make an administration fee in all instances.

The amount to pay is specified on all contracts and rental agreements. Payment for these will generally be taken by Direct Debits 10 days after the invoice has been produced, by credit/debit card. Or if applicable from any refundable deposit held when the vehicle is returned at the end of the contract.

If you wish to dispute any parking fines, etc You will need to take this up with the relevant parking company or local authority. However, you will still be charged and required to pay the administration fee and/or costs regardless of any disputes that you may have.

Other Questions

Should you have any further questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate in Contacting us via our Contact Us page or ask a question, using the form below:

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